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A Million Suns (Across The Universe # 2)

Book: A Million Suns (Across The Univers #2)

Author: Beth Revis

Published:  January 10, 2012

Pages: 386

Rating by Katie: 4 out of 5 Stars

**** This review contains spoilers! View at your own risk!****

3 months later, Amy is still on Godspeed. Amy and Elder have discovered horrible secrets about the leaders and inhabitants aboard the spaceship. They have uncovered a drug, Phydus, that was keeping all the citizens of Godspeed under a zombie like state so that they could continue to control them. Not only were the people being drugged they were also being bred!
The leaders of Godspeed were not only in control of the behavior of their people but also what their children looked like and how many children they had.

The mysteries continue in this second book. Elder is now leader. The decisions he has to make can either make or break Godspeed and its people. Will the people be happy or upset about his decision? He is still a child and is in control of all these citizens lives. Will they be mad he took the Phydus away after they realize their doom? Elder believes he is doing good by allowing his people to control their own minds and their own lives. However, on a ship just big enough for a few thousand people, is it a good idea to let people have their own thoughts and make their own decisions?

Amy and Elder are sent on a hunt trying to figure out more mysteries held in this ship. These mysteries will tell them their future and what has become of the mission that was to take place 500 years after Amy's time. When they find out that the mission has gone over 150 more years then the allotted time first given, they go in search of the answers.

This second book in the Across the Universe Series was great great book! It says mystery and murder.. there is a lot of that. While I was reading it though I was able to figure out the mystery before the book told me. So I wasn't surprised when the author finally told us who was responsible for the murders. Still it kept me happy and excited while I was reading. So far I am very happy with this series. I recommend this read to all ages.

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