Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)

Book: Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)

Author: Moira Young

Published:  October 30, 2012

Pages: 432

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars
This book picks up where the last one, Blood Red Road, left off. Saba and her siblings are headed west to start over. Her twin brother Lugh is calling the shots and Saba is having a hard time being away from Jack. When they run into a town, on their way to their destination, Saba is told by a Star Reader that her mission is not yet complete. Believing that Jack is in danger she heads out one night ready to start a new journey alone. She needs to find Jack and assist him and she knows that Lugh will not allow it. It isn't long before Lugh and their small group catch up to her and make the decision to tag along.
In Lugh's mind, Jack has lied to Saba and he knows she will never see him again. He believes they are wasting their time trying to locate Jack and bring him home.

Jack wanted to go West with Saba and her siblings but he had one thing to do before he could go and start over. His best friend had died when they fought the Tonton, and he must go and find this man's woman and tell her what has happened. Some how he finds himself working with the Tonton, the men who killed his friend and has caused a lot of problems for him and Saba.
When Saba finds out that Jack is working with their enemies, she knows Lugh was right. She feels betrayed and now she is on a mission to find Jack and kill him. While looking for Jack, Emmi is caught by the Tonton and Lugh and Saba have to put their revenge aside and rescue their younger sister. 

When Saba runs off to find some peace in their hectic environment, she runs into the leader of the Tonton, DeMalo. There has always been something between them and, what he offers to her, she has a hard time refusing. With Jacks betrayal she should be able to accept DeMalo as her own, right? He wants her to lead with him and for them to rule together. However, Saba still needs to find her sister and is soon running off from him headed back to her group. They start their next mission to try and get Emmi back.

I have really enjoyed this series so far. There is a lot of action and some romance. However, I found myself not being a fan of Saba in this book. She is still the hero I love, but some of her decisions bothered me. I was not distracted by this and I was still able to enjoy this story. I  fell in love with the characters all over again. I believe the author has done a marvelous job in writing this story for us to read. I love a strong female character, and Saba is definitely that. She can protect herself and I have always enjoyed reading about women who could do just that.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Deserter

Book: The Deserter (The Bone World Trilogy #2)

Author: Peadar Ó Guilín

Published:  May 5, 2011

Pages: 448

Rating by Katie:3 out of 5 stars
Stopmouth and Indrani have started a new life with a new tribe. Stopmouth is now the leader of humans who have just arrived from the roof. They did not know how to protect themselves in this world and disapproved of Stopmouth who had offered to save them. The people did not agree with murder and cannibalism and it took them a while to warm up to the idea of living in, what they would call, hell. However, Stopmouth knows how to survive in his world and soon these new humans were begging him for his leadership. They will do anything to survive, and if that means to kill and eat these nasty creatures that hunt them, they will.
As a new leader, Stopmouth has come to love his inexperienced people. He will do anything he has to do to save them. When Indrani tells him of a way to fix their situation and to save their new tribe he goes on a mission to do so. He has to get into the roof and find, what Indrani calls, a computer. The brain of the Roof.

While he is traveling the long distance to the opening that will get him to the roof, he is having to dodge creatures who are out to kill him. When he finally makes it to his destination, he then realizes that he will also be hunted there. The roof will not be easy for him to conquer with just himself and Indrani. He has no army to back him up. The leaders of the roof are determined to kill him and stop him from figuring out their secrets. 

This book for me was a little slow. Unlike the first book, which was fast with a ton of action, there is very little in The Deserter. Here Stopmouth and Indrani do a lot of running and hiding. However, the mysteries are endless. I believe the only reason I stayed interested in this book were all the things I wanted to find out. Like who are the Roof People? Where did they come from? Why would they make a world full of death and cannibalism? And of course what secrets were they hiding, not just from the people of Stopmouths world, but also from their own. This is what kept me opening the book each night to try and finish. I gave it 3 stars because it was written well and I just loved the first book so much and I loved the characters. So I couldn't give it anything lower than a 3.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Book: The Inferior (Bone World Trilogy #1)

Author: Peadar Ó Guilín

Published:  June 10, 2008

Pages: 448

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars
This book is a bit different from anything that I have ever read. Stopmouth is a young man who lives within a human tribe. He of course is a human himself. There are other tribes as well. These tribes are made up of creatures and these creature tribes as well as the human tribe have to fight each other for food everyday. They hunt each other, and when one tribe has succumbed to extinction a new tribe of new creatures appear in their place. The tribes look to "the roof" for answers and know that is where all new life comes from.

On a regular night, Stopmouth and his tribe are watching the stars zig and zag around their heads. They are fighting with each other, and no creature in their land knows why. Then one of the stars is shot down, landing right in the middle of their town. What they see next stuns them, and now Stopmouth has questions. When some men in his clan open the small shuttle a young woman, Indrani, steps out.

There is a language barrier between them and they are worried about this new comer. When the tribe leader decided to offer her up as a sacrifice to the surrounding tribes as food, Stopmouth's brother, decides he should help her by offering marriage.
Indrani is saved, this time, from death. She doesn't like her new husband Wallbreaker. When his brother, Stopmouth is hurt she is made to help him recover. Because of all the time they spend together, they start to fall in love. Making Stopmouth jealous of his brother, yet again. Not only did Wallbreaker take his first love, but now his second wife, Indrani has his heart.

After Stopmouth has been healed, he starts to notice Indrani's absence. She eventually never comes out of his brothers house, and he knows something is wrong. Stopmouth then breaks into his home, and rescues a drugged Indrani. They have to run away to save themselves from the betrayal that they committed against his brother. Their plan is to bring Indrani back to the roof where she belongs. They will start over and make a life there. With all the obstacles and danger they have to go through to get there, they aren't sure they will make it.

This book was definitely different. All of the tribes, including the humans, are cannibals. It is an honor to be food for your tribe. It is the most heroic thing you could do, to die and give your body as food to your people. I had a hard time with the cannibalism and people offering up themselves as food. It wasn't so bad as to distract me from the story. I did enjoy this book enough to want to read more about Stopmouth and Indrani's journey to get her home. I love how they get through the barrier of language and start to love each other. All and all this is a good book and I enjoyed it very much!  

Blood Red Road

Book: Blood Red Road   

Author: Moira Young

Published:  June 7, 2011

Pages: 459

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars
Saba and her family live alone, struggling to survive in Silverlake. They live off the wasteland left over by the Wrecker civilization. Lugh, Saba's brother, is kidnapped from home by bandits on horses. Saba and her younger sister go on an adventure to rescue their older brother.
Saba eventually finds herself fighting in the slave games and her younger sister in the servitude of their captors.
The Crow of Death is the name that the city gives her. Saba is fighting for her life and she refuses to lose. She must make her escape, save her sister and again start her search for her twin brother. She meets a young man, Jake, who is also a slave fighter and a young woman who is  part of an elite girl gang called the Free Hawks.
The Hawks get her free and then the journey begins again. Now with the help of the Free Hawks and her new friend Jake, they go hunting for Lugh.
Through this journey she befriends the Hawks and falls for Jake.  Jake and the Hawks work together to help Saba and her sister find Lugh. They fight armies and each other on this adventure and I loved reading every moment of it.

I was hooked to this story as soon as I opened the pages. There is so much action and fighting. There is never a dull moment. I was finding it hard to put the book down just to sleep! There was some romance, but nothing too mushy. I love Jake and Saba together and watching their relationship grow. This book is great and I am always finding myself recommending it to others.