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Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)

Book: Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)

Author: Moira Young

Published:  October 30, 2012

Pages: 432

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars
This book picks up where the last one, Blood Red Road, left off. Saba and her siblings are headed west to start over. Her twin brother Lugh is calling the shots and Saba is having a hard time being away from Jack. When they run into a town, on their way to their destination, Saba is told by a Star Reader that her mission is not yet complete. Believing that Jack is in danger she heads out one night ready to start a new journey alone. She needs to find Jack and assist him and she knows that Lugh will not allow it. It isn't long before Lugh and their small group catch up to her and make the decision to tag along.
In Lugh's mind, Jack has lied to Saba and he knows she will never see him again. He believes they are wasting their time trying to locate Jack and bring him home.

Jack wanted to go West with Saba and her siblings but he had one thing to do before he could go and start over. His best friend had died when they fought the Tonton, and he must go and find this man's woman and tell her what has happened. Some how he finds himself working with the Tonton, the men who killed his friend and has caused a lot of problems for him and Saba.
When Saba finds out that Jack is working with their enemies, she knows Lugh was right. She feels betrayed and now she is on a mission to find Jack and kill him. While looking for Jack, Emmi is caught by the Tonton and Lugh and Saba have to put their revenge aside and rescue their younger sister. 

When Saba runs off to find some peace in their hectic environment, she runs into the leader of the Tonton, DeMalo. There has always been something between them and, what he offers to her, she has a hard time refusing. With Jacks betrayal she should be able to accept DeMalo as her own, right? He wants her to lead with him and for them to rule together. However, Saba still needs to find her sister and is soon running off from him headed back to her group. They start their next mission to try and get Emmi back.

I have really enjoyed this series so far. There is a lot of action and some romance. However, I found myself not being a fan of Saba in this book. She is still the hero I love, but some of her decisions bothered me. I was not distracted by this and I was still able to enjoy this story. I  fell in love with the characters all over again. I believe the author has done a marvelous job in writing this story for us to read. I love a strong female character, and Saba is definitely that. She can protect herself and I have always enjoyed reading about women who could do just that.

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