Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Book: Awakening

Author: Catrina Burgess

Published:October 30, 2013

Pages: 251 e-book

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Colina has just been through a horrible ordeal. Her family has been murdered and there is only one thing she can do about it. She must get revenge. She heads over to a magic shop and finds a man there who she knows can help her. When she arrives she meets Luke, a death dealer, who is anything but willing to help. As certain things take place he changes his mind and is ready to do what he needs in order to give Colina what she wants. However, as she realizes what she has to do in order to achieve death dealer status, she begins to change her mind. Now Luke has to convince her she is strong enough to succeed.

Wow, so where do I begin... Well let me begin this by saying that I have always stayed clear of books like Awakening. The reason why is because demons, the dead, ouija boards, possessions and anything having to do with conversing with the dead, has always scared me. Period. However, I gave this book a try. At some points I actually felt guilty reading it. Probably because of my own personal beliefs on this particular subject. Would I continue the series? I do not know. This is not because I didn't like the book. The book was actually great. I do feel though that I wasn't able to get really involved with it. This might go back to the guilt part, the question kept arising "Should I keep reading this?" It is sad I know. I did complete the book. There was just so much going on that kept pulling me in. The surprises and the characters. What will happen next? What is the next step she has to take in becoming a Death Dealer? I mean these questions were always on my mind. I read the book in 24 hours. I was actually surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. The author clearly states in the beginning of the book that there is some romance involved and so I looked forward to that. I really liked what I read when it came to Colina and Luke's relationship. It was sweet and very romantic. I did not like how Colina asked Luke for his help in making her a death dealer and then she complained about the process the whole time through. That bugged me a lot.

I was actually afraid sometimes, while I was reading, that some of the scenes would cajole a spirit to come to me in my room. I was a bit creeped out. Well, most of the time I was more than a bit creeped out. This was a good creeped out, not so much as something that would make me put the book away and then hide under the covers, afraid of the dark. I jumped a few times when I heard a noise or when my cat decided to jump up on the bed :). The author did well describing these scenes and so it was almost like me watching a movie. I liked that.

Now there are several things that I did not like. For instance, the fact that the author never really described what kind of world or environment the plot takes place. Is it in the future? Is it a whole different world entirely? Are there other groups with different powers around? She talks about police and humans but then she talks about guilds, death dealers and healers.I just wish there was more information on the world that the characters live in.
"A shiver ran up my spine." This was used a lot throughout the book. So much so that it began to bother me. Also, "Ghost of a smile" was used a lot as well.

In the end I really liked the book. Thank you Catrina for allowing me to be apart of this Read for Review!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Book: Mine to Spell (Mine #2)

Author: Janeal Falor

Published:May 5, 2014

Pages: 269 e-book

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Cynthia is the second oldest daughter of Stephen. Her father was recently put in prison for his crimes against her sister's fiance, Zade. Now that Stephen is out of the picture, Cynthia, her mother and all her younger sisters are owned by Serena. They are living better than ever. Not worrying about mean Warlocks or getting hexed for their actions. However, this doesn't last long for Cynthia. She begins to realize that her family is still getting threats from the Chancellors. So Cynthia makes a decision. She enters the marriage pool and sells her self to the highest bidder. She soon regrets it when her new owner attempts to take all of her power. She gets away, but what happens next? Where does she go? What does she do? 

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

Wow. Let me first start off with how glad I am that I read the first book in this series (You Are Mine) before reading this one.The fact that I fell in love with the characters in You Are Mine helped me while reading about them again in Mine to Spell. I was already rooting for them in the first book and as they come back in the second I just root for them even more!

When I first began reading this book,Mine to Spell, I felt a bit of disappointment. I was sad because I just knew I would love this book as I loved the first,but as I began reading and reading I was just surprised that nothing grabbed me and brought me into the story like You Are Mine did. However, it took some time but I finally got there. I loved the magic that Cynthia uses. I love the training she goes through with Lukas to get to where she could actually use it and win.

There was one thing that irked me. I love Lukas and his character. I love him and Cynthia together. However, I just felt that the book had too much of Cynthia only thinking about him. How she wanted to kiss him all the time. She was unable to concentrate because she just wanted to think of him and their love. There was one part in the book it stated something like this "His strength fills my weakness, and my weakness fills his strength." I didn't like this. I love a strong female character and though Cynthia is strong I feel the author made her lean to much onto Lukas. If Lukas wasn't there and it was just Cynthia, would she be able to do all she has done? Or is it because Lukas gives her the strength to succeed?

Now having said that, this did not in any way hinder my feelings on this book. I can honestly say I loved it. There is so much more going on in this book than the first. More magic, action and mystery. Let me emphasize on the action... there was A LOT! It took a bit to get there but when I did the book took hold of me and did not let me go! Cynthia is strong, very strong. She basically battles warlocks who despise her and are against her succeeding. There could be a civil war just because she is out of the norm and proving that women, any woman, can win and use their magic.

The way Janeal leaves off at the end makes me so excited for what is to come in the 3rd book. I am very much liking this series. VERY MUCH. I am glad I had the opportunity to read and review these books for the author. Thank you Janeal for allowing me to do this for you. It was time well spent and I truly enjoyed it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Book: You Are Mine (Mine #1)

Author: Janeal Falor

Published:May 6, 2013

Pages: 273

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
This is a world where women with magic in their blood are slaves to  powerful Warlocks . Serena has so much magical power running through her veins that warlocks  will pay lots of money to her father to own her. She is bought and is now owned by a cruel and selfish man. However, before her nightmare can even begin, it gets worse. Her Warlock loses a battle to an Envadi. Serena's Warlock now loses all of his possessions, including her, to this new Envadi man. She knows that all of the Warlocks in her country are horrible creatures, but she also knows that their evil does not compare to the barbaric acts of the Envadi. She feels her fate has become worse and she braces herself for hardship and pain. However, this Envadi man is different from any warlock she has ever met. And soon she realizes she can't live without him.
I opened this book and instantly fell in love with the world that the author created. There is so much detail that I felt I was standing beside these characters watching as they did. Serena is wonderfully written. I was instantly attached to her and wanted to know more. As a slave she still had fighting spirit and stubbornness that I love so much. And lets not forget Zade... Oh my god, Zade. He is definitely a hero... I love his character!  He has made it on my boyfriend list for sure (I type this as my husband looks over my shoulder, laughing at my long growing list of boyfriends. HAHA). As a 27 year old mother, sometimes it is hard for me to get into YA books. I love to read them, but it is getting harder and harder every year for me to find that one YA book that I just love. I found one! There is magic, a bit of mystery and a bit of romance.

My favorite part of this book is definitely the part where Serena and Zade have to come together. She really has no option not to. I love how they start to learn about each other and become closer. Then she has to make a decision to save him or not. She will give her life for his and it is beautiful. I love it. I read this book in one day.... ONE DAY!

Kudos to Janeal for writing a YA novel that isn't focused on sex and make out sessions. I love romance. But when it comes to a book for young adults, it irks me when the only thing a book focuses on is sex. The author of this book did a wonderful job and her imagination is awesome.

Friday, May 23, 2014

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Book: Highlander's Magic

Author: Joanne Wadsworth

Published:May 20, 2014

Pages: 117

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
For 18+
Marie and her twin sister, Katherine, are in Scotland on an errand for their mother. A broach has been passed down from generation to generation for over four hundred years. It belonged to their great ancestor Mary MacClean. The twins make it to their destination, a faerie ring near one of their families long ruined castles. That is when it happens. Katherine makes a wish for adventure for both of them and the faeries give her the wish, except Marie is the only one who is lucky enough to get thrown back in time to the year 1590 and into the arms of a good looking highlander, Archie MacDonald.

I am so mad! Not because this was a horrible book, but because it is over! It has been a long time since I have read a book in just one sitting. I read this book in just 1 SITTING! It starts off grabbing your attention. Ships, battles, romance, adventure, AND TIME TRAVEL?!? Whaaaaaaaaat?! You can't go wrong with this book. I loved it. Archie is stubborn and Marie is stubborn. They belong together. Joanne did a great job. This book is short and very sweet. I am upset because I missed the read for reviews for the previous books in this series. I hope to read them soon! My friend has been talking to me about this author and her books and I grabbed the chance to read one of her books as soon as I saw the opportunity. I am certainly glad I did! I can't wait to see what happens with Katherine and John. I hope that their story is in the next book. Please Joanne let me know when you have more books to read! I will definitely be reading them! Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoyed every page of this book.

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Book: Enlightened

Author: A.L. Waddington

Published:April 21, 2014

Pages: 250

Rating by Katie:3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
I received this book to read for a free review. I like the first book, Essence, but I like Enlightened much more. I felt more emotion while reading Enlightened. At one point I was so angry at Jocelyn I could have hit her in the face. I didn't even want to finish the book. Maybe it was because I love Jackson so much and just wanted him for myself.... that could be it. ;) Their love grows in this book. They become so close and you are just rooting for them to succeed in their life and have this beautiful happily ever after. Then they hit a bump in the road and you scream.. WHY WHY WHY! I wanted a fairy tale and I basically got a fairy tale. However, I will not be able to finish this fairy tale until the 3rd book. I am upset about that, but I am happy with how Enlightened left off. I was hoping that the author would not leave me hanging in the end, and she didn't do that to me, thankfully. After I finished Essence I didn't really feel the need to read Enlightened. However, because I agreed to read it, I did :). The author did a better job with Enlightened, soo much better than Essence.I will be looking for the 3rd book. I need to know what happens next.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

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Book: Essence

Author: A.L. Waddington

Published:January 15, 2014

Pages: 308

Rating by Katie:3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
This book was given to me by the author for a free review. I enjoyed this book very much. Jocelyn and Jackson are wonderful together and I love their stories. I do not want to get into to much detail because I do not want to give anything away. I love how Jocelyn and Jackson come together in 2009 and how he is there solely for her.If you are looking for a great YA romance, this is definitely a book you should read. There are a couple of things that I did not like about the book. 1. Jocelyn's servant, Mimi,was a very likeable character. However, the way she speaks is a bit much. I understand in 19th century that grammar was different in every aspect from what it is today, but I had a hard time really understanding what the character, Mimi, was trying to say. 2. I felt that this story seemed to go on and on. It would build up and build up, and I was so ready for Jocelyn to discover what was truly going on in her life.Then, like several times before, I was disappointed because something happened and she was unable to get answers. Over all the book was good. The author used great imagination while writing this book. I am curious as to what Enlightened, the second book in this series, has to offer. Thank you for allowing me to read it. :)