Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Winter Sea

Book: The Winter Sea

Author: Susana Kearsley

Published:  September 22, 2008

Pages: 544

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

This book is about a well established author who is working on her next big hit. While on a visit to Cruden Bay , Scotland to see her godson get baptized, she is pulled towards Slains Castle. She feels that being around Slains Castle is giving her more ideas and her characters are coming more alive and speaking to her. Little does she know, that these characters were once real.

I started reading this book under the assumption that the character author, Carrie, would be going back in time herself. I was disappointed when I realized that she herself does not go back in time, but her memories do. In the book it describes it as Genealogical Memory. She believes that being in Cruden Bay, Scotland and so close to Slains Castle has some how woken up her ancestors memories in her mind. I find that Carrie falling for the cute Graham Keith and her ancestor, Sophia Paterson falling for the gorgeous John Morley is sweet. Carrie gets memories from her great grandmother, Sophia Paterson and she is able to write them down. Sophia is telling her a story that no one knows, and she has kept it secret for hundreds of years and now she is letting the secret out. Carrie is intrigued and is writing Sophia and John's story and will soon be told of betrayal. I however, love the story of Sophia and John. How beautiful they are together makes me happy and I get that tightness in my chest when the story is brought back to the past.  I could do without all of the history lessons. I find myself skipping over a lot of it. What I really want is to be able to read about Sophia Paterson and John Morley without the other stuff. I don't care about Carrie and her story while she is writing about Sophia and John. When I get to those parts of the book where it is back to Carrie I feel sad, sometimes mad.

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