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Book: You Are Mine (Mine #1)

Author: Janeal Falor

Published:May 6, 2013

Pages: 273

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
This is a world where women with magic in their blood are slaves to  powerful Warlocks . Serena has so much magical power running through her veins that warlocks  will pay lots of money to her father to own her. She is bought and is now owned by a cruel and selfish man. However, before her nightmare can even begin, it gets worse. Her Warlock loses a battle to an Envadi. Serena's Warlock now loses all of his possessions, including her, to this new Envadi man. She knows that all of the Warlocks in her country are horrible creatures, but she also knows that their evil does not compare to the barbaric acts of the Envadi. She feels her fate has become worse and she braces herself for hardship and pain. However, this Envadi man is different from any warlock she has ever met. And soon she realizes she can't live without him.
I opened this book and instantly fell in love with the world that the author created. There is so much detail that I felt I was standing beside these characters watching as they did. Serena is wonderfully written. I was instantly attached to her and wanted to know more. As a slave she still had fighting spirit and stubbornness that I love so much. And lets not forget Zade... Oh my god, Zade. He is definitely a hero... I love his character!  He has made it on my boyfriend list for sure (I type this as my husband looks over my shoulder, laughing at my long growing list of boyfriends. HAHA). As a 27 year old mother, sometimes it is hard for me to get into YA books. I love to read them, but it is getting harder and harder every year for me to find that one YA book that I just love. I found one! There is magic, a bit of mystery and a bit of romance.

My favorite part of this book is definitely the part where Serena and Zade have to come together. She really has no option not to. I love how they start to learn about each other and become closer. Then she has to make a decision to save him or not. She will give her life for his and it is beautiful. I love it. I read this book in one day.... ONE DAY!

Kudos to Janeal for writing a YA novel that isn't focused on sex and make out sessions. I love romance. But when it comes to a book for young adults, it irks me when the only thing a book focuses on is sex. The author of this book did a wonderful job and her imagination is awesome.

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