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Book: Firefly (The Firefly Trilogy, Book I)


Published: August 1st 2013

Pages: 300 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I started this book 4 weeks ago! Summers are a bit crazy for my family, like most. So we have been running around crazy and I am sorry this was not completed in a timely manner. I do want to thank the author. She has been so kind and understanding. Now, on to the review!

Tessa. A witch. My witch.
And of love
What does the heart say?
It beats it's silent wings
Before it flies away  
                                                             -William's words he wrote for his witch
                                                                          as he drew pictures of her face.

This is a forbidden love. You have William, a hunter and Tessa... the hunted. She is a witch and part of a local coven of witches. William is an Immortal Witch Hunter. Currently living with his adopted family, disguised as their cousin, William works at their family restaurant. In this small town, there is very little secrets and hardly any murders. Until one morning when Tessa is traveling her favorite trail up a mountain. An elder witch is dead, still burning in the fire that has engulfed the lookout. Her friends mother. She is horrified and she is now, with the help of her coven, looking for the witch hunter who murdered their friend's mother and fellow witch. 

William, being immortal, has been alive for seven centuries. He has had many dreams, in his life time, of a girl. He draws her face everyday. The image of her never leaves him. He writes about her, he loves her and he needs to find her. When him and his group of hunters are sent to hunt and distinguish Tessa's coven of witches, he meets her. The girl in his dreams, in his mind, in his drawings. It is her. Tessa.

Tessa knows there is something different about William. He intrigues her, but she doesn't trust him and she is unable to figure out why. Wiliams' whole purpose in life is to track down witches, befriend them, and then kill them. As a hunter, William has to stalk his prey. Which he does very well. So when I realized how he stalked Tessa, it was hard for me to grasp the fact that, it was his job. What brought more questions was.... would he finish the job??

In this book you have two different points of view. Tessa is the main character and you have her point of view for each chapter. At the end of the chapters you get Williams' point of view. I believe I loved reading Williams' POV more than Tessa's. Only because his was more poetic. It was like I was reading all the things he would have been writing in his journal. His secrets and desires.

Tessa really fell in the background for me. She would be someone I would definitely be friends with. I like her a lot. There wasn't anything about her that made me push her aside. William is just so wonderful and written so well, that he actually might have been written too well. I love him. I believe this is what pushed Tessa to the background for me. I looked at William as if this was his story being told. Not both of their stories told together.

William is centuries old. His maturity level is much higher than Tessa's. I didn't like this. I realize, though, that this was probably done on purpose. What person, teenager or not, wouldn't become mature after living seven centuries? He might not develop physically passed a boy of sixteen or seventeen, but mentally he will. 

This book had hints of Romeo and Juliet, even a bit of Twilight. There is romance between two individuals that must not take place. William has to kill her and her coven. He has to lie to her and then he has to betray her trust and then dispose of her. The question is, will he actually do it? I can't tell you. I wish I could. I will say this. You will be swooning when you read what William has to say. How he words things in poems so wonderfully. 

I did enjoy this book. I wish I was able to read it faster. There are a couple quotes from this book that I must share. Well, I do not have to but I want to. I read them and it made me stop to write them down. 

"I was the hunter. Tessa, the hunted. This would never change." -William
"How many sunsets can you endure to wait for the one you love?" -One of Williams' poems.

I have been informed that the author is currently editing this book and there will be a few changes. So, please know that there could be very small differences in the copy you read compared to my review.

Thanks again,

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Book: Granted Redemption


Published: April 8th 2014

Pages: 250 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I came across Katie Mettner on twitter. I immediately jumped to her page.... it is probably because we share the same name... Honestly... Katies are awesome people... just sayin. Anyway, like I do with every author I come across, I looked up her books. I mentioned to her that her books look interesting and she offered to let me read one for review. Honestly, I didn't care which one of her books she let me review, they all look pretty good. She offered me Granted Redemption. How thankful I am that she did.

I read romance books. I love romance. However, I honestly never read a Christian Romance Novel. I didn't even know they existed. Wait! I should take that back. What I should have said..... I have honestly never read a "Spicy" Christian Romance Novel...... until I met Katie Mettner, I thought I would never see a sentence that contained the words "spicey" "Christian" "romance"..... am I right? Yeah, of course I am right. This books's just..... so.. good. I really truly loved it.

Grant Harris is a troubled soul. His life has been dull and dead for sixteen years after a horrible accident. He has struggled with guilt, and pain. He has also struggled with loving and embracing people. Carla Coffers is also a troubled soul. Her life as a child was worse than most. Her mother never played the mother role and allowed her to live in a dangerous home. Both of these people struggle with past sins and pain.

In just 250 pages you travel through this journey... this relationship... and experience the different points of view by Grant and Carla. How they deal with things differently. How she fears rejection and abandonment and he fears love, joy and commitment. 

Katie has written a book that deals with a lot of life struggles. Struggles that a lot of us deal with every day. Pain, rejection, injuries, doubt and even self loathing. She creates these characters and you fall in love with them. I love Grant and I love Carla. Maybe it is because in some ways, I can relate to them. There really is no hero in this story. Well, not just one anyway. Grant and Carla save each other. They fight to get passed their barriers and they struggle to hold onto one another.

Granted Redemption is definitely a tear jerker. I never cried from sadness, however. I cried from the happiness that Katie created. We never think we are good enough. We are our own worst enemies. When Grant makes Carla stare at her reflection in the mirror and he makes her look at herself. The reaction she had about how she looked..... is the reaction most of us women have when we look at our own reflections. Grant refused to allow Carla to look at herself and see ugliness. He pointed out her beauty and he was bold in his statements. It was just so sweet and beautiful.

This story is about faith, hope, love and over coming obstacles and fears. God puts people in your life so that He can use them to bring you out of the dump you have lived in for so many years. I believe that is what this story really is about. I learned so much and I was reminded about so much that I have forgotten. This book is spicy, sexy, romantic, and sweet. I think anyone can read this book. I really do. If you love romances, you will love this. It has just enough spice to make you crave more. You will immediately fall in love with the characters. You root for them to succeed and by the end of the book you will have cried at least five times. The way Grant loves Carla...... there is no way around the tears... they will most definitely fall.

There was one thing I had a hard time with. Carla is in a situation and even though I know the conditions might call for the behavior I still didn't like how she seemed a bit like a child. Grant even talked to her like she was one ( just in this scene). I am unable to go into anymore detail without giving away something of the story.

Katie Mettner, thank you for allowing me to review Granted Redemption. You have opened my eyes to a genre I believe I am going to really enjoy. I look forward to doing more reviews for you in the future. :)

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Book: Legacy Code

Author: Autumn Kalquist

Published: March 9th 2014

Pages: 218 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Most of the authors ask me if I would be interested in doing reviews for their books. I actually singed up for this one. Autumn offered the book for review on a facebook page "Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans". I grabbed at the chance to review this book. I am glad that I did.

Era is seventeen and she is married to Dritan. They live on the Paragon, a spaceship, that revolves around the planet Soren. Three hundred years ago their fleet and colonies left Earth in an attempt to find another liveable planet. The fleet's leaders are very strict and have rules that many are starting to disobey. Era has always believed that the leaders were doing everything they could for the well being of the colonies. However, when someone she loves is deployed to the Red Planet, Soren - and her unborn child, who might have a birth defect, could also be taken from her- she does what any woman in her position would do..... she looks for the truth.

This book started out so slow for me. Most books seem to do that, in the beginning. You are having to learn the characters, their lifestyle, and their home. The author used Era to describe things that happened on other spaceships. I loved knowing these facts about previous occurrences on other colonies ships. There were at least three other ships mentioned within the first three chapters, and I found it hard to remember the name of the ship Era and her husband were living on.  Era, Dritan, and Zephyr were wonderfully written characters. The author wrote the villains of this story very well and I truly hated them. I wanted to push them out of the spaceship doors and watch them suffocate and die. Thankfully I didn't have a pulsar gun while reading this book.... if I would have had one I would have shot Chief Petroff right in the gut. Yes, it is harsh.... but I have really developed a hate for this character.

Legacy Code really touched my heart in some scenes. Being a mother and having to read about some of the things taking place in these colonies, really made me grateful that we do not live under a leadership where we have no right to state our opinions and live how we choose.  There were other instances as well, however, if I share them it might give the story away.... we can not have this!

Dritan is a sweetheart. When I read this "Dritan squeezed her hand, three quick pulses. She rolled toward him, met his eyes, and squeezed his hand three times in return. I.LOVE.YOU." It reminded me of my mother. She would squeeze my hand, just like this, to remind me that she loved me.  

Legacy Code may be slow in the very beginning but it gets VERY VERY exciting! This is a world.... or should I say, galaxy?... a spaceship?... never mind you get my drift....  ok, let me start over....

This is a world of spaceships, advanced technology, galaxy jumping... yes, jumping galaxies through worm holes... and planet mining!  There is many secrets that need to be revealed and many "Traitors" aboard the Paragon. I found myself rooting for the traitors! There is death, love, friendship and mystery. I was so taken by Era and her mission to find truths and facts! I began to panic at one point. I just couldn't believe what was happening.... what was going to happen! I had to know! I need to know now! 

I am all ended on a cliff hanger. I wanted to cry! I wanted to scream! Well I actually did scream... "NOOOO! Autumn, whyyyyyyyyy?!"  I was planning on finishing this series anyway. I had already made up my mind to complete this new series by the time I reached the middle of this book. So I was already planning on reading the next book, but now..... I HAVE TO READ IT. I want to read it so bad... 

Have you ever been addicted to something?.... I have... I was addicted to coca cola... anyway, we wont go there... So You know how you crave something all day long, and then when you finally get it, you relax into this abyss of happiness?? Well that happens to me when I begin reading books that have enveloped me into their grasp. I think about the book, constantly. Every time I am away and can't read it... it is on my mind. Then I get home, get the kid in the bed, lay down myself, open my book and BAM! The endorphins take over my body and I am at peace and happy and reading like crazy! 

When Era started on her truth hunt... this is what happened to me. I became addicted and I had to know the truth! I enjoyed Legacy Code. I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the series... 

 Thank you Autumn Kalquist for allowing me to read and review your book. I enjoyed it and it was time well spent. I hope you allow me to review more of your books in the future! 


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Book: Timeless

Author: Clare Ritchie

Published: February 18, 2014

Pages: 188 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Clare contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading her book. She then told me she was fifteen. I was shocked. There are very few authors published at the age of fifteen. There are very few published authors under the age of twenty, as a matter of fact. I will have to start this review by apologizing to Clare. I am sorry Clare that I was skeptical about your book. Having talked to you a few times, I knew you were a very mature teenager. I believed that only an adult, someone with a ton of life experience, could ever write anything that I would enjoy. I doubted you because of your age. I was ignorant.... I can't believe I did that. Age has nothing to do with being a writer.... imagination is what matters. You, Clare, have a great imagination. I was so amazed that you had a publisher. When she told me "I will get my publisher to email me the copy and I will forward it to you" should have seen my face. My husband was sitting next to me and saw it all.

"What is wrong?"
"Clare is fifteen and she has a publisher.... it's amazing!"
"wow, that is amazing."

Dear, you have something that most of us "adults" dream of... I am proud to say that you allowed me to review your work. Anything you write, published or not, will be something I will want to read.

In this story we start out with Ann. Ann's story is the fist half of this book. She is headed to Fitz Hall, a large estate, with her younger sister, Bella, to start working as a scullery maid. Ann and Bella's family died, and they are the only two left. As they begin their work, they meet new friends and even begin to realize that there is something strange going on inside of Fitz Hall. The master's son, Charles, is up to something and soon he is coercing Ann into helping him.

I enjoyed each of the characters that Clare created. Ann, Bella, Lizzie and Zac are so loveable. Clare has a great ability in creating villains and suspense. Wow! I mean, wow.... I really had a hard time reading this book at night. Clare does a wonderful job in describing scenes and I felt as if I was standing in the middle of all these rooms watching everything unfold. Talk about being jittery... You have death, ghosts, and secrets. I just loved it.

Then I was surprised, again! Ann's story isn't the only one that is told. You have Rose's story now. Many years into the future, Rose's family is moving into the old Fitz Hall Estate. The home was passed to them from her grandfather. I was so excited to see what Rose had to say. The first several nights, sleeping alone in her room, were fine. On a rainy night, however, the house decides to come alive. Red glowing eyes, scraping, clawing and dragging. OH! MY! GOSH! Did I mention that I had a hard time reading this at night?? The suspense was so. much. fun! I believe this part of the book was my favorite. Clare did so well making everything feel real for me. When I can read a book, that has ghosts, and get the jitters.... then you are doing it right!

Clare did a marvelous job. This being the first book you published, you did wonderful. I loved the beginning, I loved the middle, and I loved the end. Just a great read and anyone can enjoy this. I wonder what other work you have written and have yet to publish?... Hmmm?

There were of course a few things I feel the need to mention.There were small grammatical errors as well as a few words missing. It was not enough to hinder my enjoyment of this book.
I would have loved to know the time period that Ann's story took place. I do not remember seeing anything indicating this. I hope it is there and I just missed it.

Clare's age sometimes shows up in her writing. This is NOT a bad thing. I actually enjoyed it. You have teenagers that are the main characters. Who else to write about a teenager- their feelings, their reactions, their thoughts- than a teenager?

Clare Ritchie, you have a wonderful and bright future ahead of you. If you can do this at the age of fifteen, just think of the possibilities that lay ahead. Thank you for allowing me to read and review your book. I enjoyed every minute of your story. I hope that you will allow me to review any future books that you write. :)

****Update: Clare contacted me and let me know that the grammatical errors have already been fixed.

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Book: Beltamar's War (Malmaxa)

Author: C.G. Ayling

Published: June 6th 2011

Pages:  418 e-book

Rating by Katie: 4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Where do I begin? There is so much in this book. So much that needs to be shared. I can normally read a book and post a review in two to three days. It has taken me eight days to read and post this review. Eight days…I was worried, truly worried that I wouldn’t like it. I kept thinking that it just might be too mature for my tastes.

So many points of view, so many different thoughts and ideas from all these characters. I didn’t seem to understand why there needed to be so many characters. It was pointless to me. Mr. Ayling said to me through a message to “ feel free to make notes.” At that point I honestly didn’t think I would need to. Upon reading the first chapter, I realized I needed to take notes.  I was also warned, when beginning the book, to use the glossary in the back…. Yes, this book has a glossary.

The book's chapters are set up like an outline. You have the chapter and then the subchapters. Each subchapter, mainly, is the same situation seen through a different characters perspective.  I really thought I wouldn’t like this book…. However, I made myself read it. I was certain there had to be something greater. There had to be a reason why the ratings for this book were high. I found it. I got to page One Hundred Fifteen. There it was in blazing glory. The battle…… Beltamar. He had only been mentioned several times before. I kept thinking… this book is called Beltamar’s War….where the heck is Beltamar?? Then he was there. A bright, strong warrior. My heart belonged to him from the beginning. I was happy….thrilled.

So let me introduce the characters. Well, introduce them enough that my review will make sense. Normally my reviews consist of two to three characters. This one isn’t like my regular reviews.

Beltamar is matched (married) to Daniskira. Their progeny (Daughter) is Selene. Then you have Ryntam, who is Daniskira’s twin. Ryntam is matched to Yitara. Their progeny is Eden. Selene and Eden are cousins and best friends. Liaju and Rethga are the two younger siblings to Daniskira and Ryntam. Liaju and her brother, Rethga, are also twins. The four siblings mother is Zunesan. Her match is Jalgar, the siblings father.

Beltamar is a warrior. His commander is Ripkira. Ripkira and her army are waged in war, while Beltamar’s family, mentioned above, are home dealing with their own problems. Mithial is a hunter, and is secretly in love with Ripkira. Adelmar is another warrior under Ripkira. He secretly hates Beltamar, while Beltamar believes them to be best friends. Okay there are more characters mentioned under Ripkira. However, if I were to name every character who plays a role in this book, we would be here for a while. Lets get to the review….

Like I said the first part of this book was a bit slow for me. I made sure to keep track of characters and read the glossary when I felt the need arise. As I was beginning to realize the book was almost over, I began to worry.  This novel is pieced together and written so wonderfully. How could I write a review for this book? I write reviews for young adult books, romance even fantasy. I really do not even know what genre Beltamar’s War is in… Fantasy? I have no idea. That doesn't really matter. It was genius even if I would not have enjoyed it.

Selene and Eden are beautiful little girls. I loved their relationship with each other. I loved them as characters. The author did such a wonderful job in depicting how a child should behave. These children were full of wonder and mischief. I enjoyed reading about them. When tragedy strikes these precious characters, I cried. My heart broke and I literally hurt.

Selene and Eden are not the only characters I loved. I actually loved them all. Even Adelmar. I hated him for a bit. However, something changed.  I became interested in him. I wanted to know more about him. The author has a gift when it comes to creating his characters. He is able to write them beautifully and you just fall in love with them.

Around page one hundred fifteen is when my excitement began. Ayling has created wonderful heroines, beasts and scenes. He has the ability to brilliantly  describe battle and war. Ripkira (commander) is one of the best heroines I have ever read about. She isn’t weak, she doesn’t need a man. Men follow her orders. When she says jump, they bow in respect and ask “how high, Commander?” She is a woman after my own heart. The woman I dubbed awesome was Faroene (I believe her real name is Lucinda). The male and female warriors loved her and respected her. She could fight better than most of the men and she has proven it countless times. I had to mention these two women. I think if a writer was looking for females to base their own heroines on… these two would be perfect candidates.

Ripkira’s military went into battle with Groth, the Ancient Enemy. Some compare them to regular hounds. However, when you ask Beltamar he would say “ Comparing a Groth to a hound, is like comparing a seasoned warrior to a babe.” They are vicious and unrelenting. When in large hordes they can kill a whole army. You also have the Grolem. They are very large and their bodies are made of bone armor. One swipe of it’s tail could kill multiple men. They go to battle with these beasts and the whole time it kept me on the edge of my seat!

I became so involved in this book that I was proud for “my” army. They met every one of Ripkira’s demands. They were swift and knew their job. I actually shouted at one point “ Yeah! Don’t mess with us Groths!” I was just consumed, there was no way out. I was sideswiped. In the beginning I began to think I wouldn’t like this book. However, I was grabbed hold of and never let go until the end. Yet, somehow, it hasn’t fully released me.

There is secret admiration. Milthial secretly loves Ripkira. He will do anything for her. Crawl to his death if she asked him too. “What purpose life, if Ripkira is lost?”- Mithial.
During all of the missions Ripkira sent him on, his thoughts always went back to her. I would have loved to have seen more of them together. I wanted him to sweep Ripkira up and plant a kiss right on her mouth. I hoped for it! 

There is also forbidden love. Faroene longed for Beltamar. She loved him. I wanted to know more about that as well. Did they truly have a past relationship? He was matched to Daniskira. Normally this would bug me. Here, it didn’t. I wanted to know more.

I cried, I laughed, I was angry and screamed “Whyyyy whyyy whhyyyy?!” How could Ayling do this to me?  Here is another author who can throw away his characters to make his story more real and give you more feeling. I was so excited! On the edge of my seat full of anxiety and then when it works out great I  am consumed with happiness and warmth. It doesn’t last long. I am then immediately full of sorrow and pain. He took those I loved and hid them from me. Taking their breath to make this marvelous book. I didn’t care. I wanted them back, I wanted to keep them for myself. I was mad, furious. Then out of no where happy again. I had a multiple personality disorder while reading this book! My husband will tell you….he wasn’t thrilled.
How do you do that? How can you play with my emotions with just words? Words that should only effect my imagination. However, I was too consumed. There was no imagination, it was real. I would open this book, and my real world drifted away each night and I was swallowed by beasts, love, family, and honor.

I could honestly write another thousand words on this book with no spoiler included. Beltamar’s War is unique. I went through a dry spell in the beginning, but I knew there had to be a reason. These characters began to come together. Towards the end you will see what I am talking about. I have to assume they are brought together in the next book in this series “The Pilgrimage”. I will read the next book.

The writing style is not for everyone. I honestly didn’t think it was for me at first. I am glad I was wrong. If you are looking for a few characters, and a sexy romance…you won’t get it here. If you are looking for many characters to love, secret admirers, battles, excitement and of course treachery you are in the right place. 

I had to give this book 4 stars. It can be complicated read at times in the beginning. Having to keep notes was the main reason. However, this doesn't last long. Soon you know all the characters and you are able to read the book with ease. Notes are not needed any longer.

Thank you C.G. Ayling for allowing me to read your book for review. I did enjoy it. It is unlike any book I have ever read before. I loved it greatly. You truly surprised me and I am grateful for it. I will always want to review books for you.

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Book: Three Slaves of Rome (Book 1)

Author: Matthew Wilson

Published: October 12, 2011

Pages: 110 e-book

Rating by Katie: 4 our of 5 stars

I found Matthew Wilson on Twitter. I looked up his book, Three Slaves of Rome, and I was intrigued. I told him this and I asked him "how do I get my hands on this book?" He then told me that book 1 was currently free on B&N.. I went and grabbed it. I was very excited :). Mr. Wilson then told me that he would love for me to read his book and was curious about my input and review. So here is my review with a teeny bit of input....

Chapter 1 starts with Tieg waking up and realizing he is in shackles. He starts remembering things that took place and the screams and battle. He realizes he is hurt and soon concludes that the ship's owners had one thing on their mind.... to sell him at the slave market. In chapter 2 it goes back about 8 years, and you start the back story for several chapters, setting you up for Tieg's prisoner situation. You are introduced to a lot of different characters and enemies. After those chapters you are then brought back to the present. Tieg is in his shackles with a bunch of his Irish clansmen.

Tieg's father is a very wise man. There are a lot of lessons he tries to teach his son. One of these lessons stuck with me as I continued to read this book. It goes something like this. Stick with your clan. You may know they are wrong, but you always stick beside them. It is better to have your clan, then be like a deer caught in surprise. You are in a far worse situation, if you are that deer and alone. I loved Tieg's father... and I never even knew his name.

In just a little over a hundred pages you watch Tieg grow up and start on an adventure. He is a prisoner, a ship captain and a peace negotiator. Then he begins a new mission, one that you have to read about in "Three Slaves of Rome Book 2".

The puppy love that took place between him and Maggie is so sweet. Growing up as children together, always secretly loving each other. You are then with him through his first battle. His rage is described so well. The hacking of limbs and blood. The fear and death that surrounds him is excellently depicted. He becomes a warrior and a hero. A type of leader to his Irish Clan. I loved it.

Matthew can so easily throw away his characters, and yet, I can still see that he loved each one. When I write, I have a hard time throwing  away my characters. I tend to fall in love with them and want to keep them safe. So I realized, this is what makes Matthew's writing so much better than my own. He actually writes a story, and it feels so real. Maybe this took place at one point in history.... the characters that I have come to love in such a short time, could have once been real. People die in battle and Matthew does a wonderful job writing a battle scene. Tragedy is all over this book. People you love die and you cry. You are rooting for Tieg so much that your heart doesn't have time to break.

This book is simply written and easy flowing. I am so use to reading books with these large words, or these paragraphs that are not needed. These books have so much in them and it takes away from the actual story. I began to compare Matthew's book to how I felt when my daddy would sit around and tell me and my siblings stories. Or how my husband and his Marine buddies would sit around our house late at night talking about war stories and all the fun times they had in Japan. The simplicity does not hinder it's greatness. I believe it makes it better. Simple, interesting, fun and enjoyable. I could just be a sucker for battles, puppy love and pirate ships though ;) . 

This book is written in the narrator's perspective. So you do not have to deal with a lot of POV. Which can be very confusing. There were a few times I had to go back and re-read some things to make sure that the character I was reading about was the same one I was thinking about. There is nothing indicating that the narrator is now talking about another character, unless their names are written in the beginning of a new paragraph. So when I got into the flow of reading, sometimes I missed a key word that let me know a different character was being discussed. This mainly happened during the battle scenes. In these cases, however, my confusion was fixed just by going back a couple of lines.

I can't say that this book is for everyone. Some people do not like simplicity. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I love simplicity. I love to get into the story and stay away from things that do not matter. If you are looking for an unvarnished story with sword fights, a bit of tragedy, and adventure then I believe you will enjoy this book.

My favorite quote
"You can see the sunset from up here, and only barely smell the sheep shit. It is really amazing" -Tieg said to Maggie when she brought him dinner. :)

Will I be getting book 2? Yes... I will be getting book 2.

Thank you Matthew Wilson. You have a style of writing that I love. Many times authors get away from the story. They put too much here and too much there and it tends to drowned out the characters and the fun. I loved your "Three Slaves of Rome."

This book is free at B&N click Here
Amazon click Here

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Book: Dream On

Author: M. Kircher

Published: April 22nd 2014

Pages: 213 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

     Emily Del Monte and her mother, Lily, are "dreamwalkers" They go to sleep and can live in their dreams. These dreams are memories from their past, fantasy or nightmares. They go into a type of hibernation and can sleep for long periods of time without eating and drinking. Her father died several years ago, and so now her mother, Lily, sleeps for days or weeks at a time, dreaming about her father. Emily takes care of herself, and writes books under her mother's name so she can support them.

Gabe is the new kid. His favorite author is Lily Del Monte. When he runs into her daughter on his way to school he is shocked when he finds out who Emily is. However, when she starts avoiding him and acting like she dislikes him, he feels the need to find out what is really going on. Her loner status and her mean attitude piques his interest. So he does whatever he can to get into her life to figure her out.

This book reminds me of a dream that I use to have. I am sure most of you have had a dream similar to the one that haunted me throughout my high school career. I would open the large brown metal double doors going into my school with the biggest smile on my face. As those heavy doors slammed shut behind me, I begin to notice stares.... lots of stares. Snickering girls, gawking boys... oh it. was. awful. I would look down and shock would devour me. I am wearing NO CLOTHES! None, what so ever. My breasts flashing the world and my butt out in the open for all to see.... HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DREAM! While reading this book I came across something that was said by Emily "No amount of wishful thinking gets you clothes in those." She is talking about..... the naked dreams.. You know what I am talking about. You have had them too... you know you have. You also know that every time they occurred, you did your best to find some clothes... you know you did. And, did it ever happen?… you finding clothes?… yeah, I didn’t think so.  I have to think that Kircher was a victim to such a dream. Emily’s statement brought me some clarity. I wasn't the only one who had this problem......

Dream On is very interesting. Emily has these vivid dreams that the author has written in so much detail. I honestly began to feel like I was hyperventilating in some of these scenes. Panic.. I felt panic.

The conversation I had with my husband…..
Me: There is action and it isn't even real!
Him: Whaaaat? Like... dreaming action??
Me: Yeah! Like that!
Him: That is crazy!!
Me: Yeah.... pretty crazy!

Her relationship with Gabe is slow and she actually pushes him away. He knows something is up with her and her mother. So Emily feels the need to protect their secrets. I mean, he does have the stalker vibe going on. He is so cute though, I am sure I would allow him to stalk me.. if he wanted.... just sayin…

M.Kircher has such imagination. I love it!  How do you come up with this stuff?! I was sucked into these dreams with Emily. I honestly couldn’t get enough of it! These action packed, fun, suffocating, panic stricken dreams!
I am unable to go into much detail without spoiling this book…I do not like giving things away.

There was a few things that I did not like about this book. Gabe seems very immature. At least in the first half of the book. I noticed he began to take on a more serious side and I did like that. Evan, to me, was a cutie. I like the nerdy guys…. I can’t help it. I felt that Emily was a bit hard on him. I felt sorry for his character. I know Emily was trying to keep people out of her life to protect her and her mother. However, she just seemed too mean.  I think that caused me to like her, but not LOVE her. Then she tells her secret to both so easily.... Like come on, you write books for a living... You can at least come up with some explanations as to why your mother is sleeping for days at a time.

M. Kircher has a good book here. It is a lot of fun to read! The dreams are so action packed. There is a smidgen of good romance, and even a bit of surprising developments at the end…. That isn’t even the best part…. On the last several pages The Breakfast Club makes an appearance, and it is the sweetest thing.   Okay, some of you might not catch that, or get it… but believe me, it is there. Note: If you have no idea what I am talking about here, go watch "The Breakfast Club".
This made me giggle:
Men, I huff inwardly, always needing to prove they wear size Large underwear.”- Emily Del Monte (The voice inside her head).

M.Kircher, you are a great writer. I enjoyed this book, and it was so much fun. Thank you for allowing me to read your book and review it. I hope you allow me to read more of your books for review! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

 photo 90da6e0dfe14420d429b7d9d83a0eb34.png


Book: The Long Game

Author: J.L. Fynn

Published: October 7th 2013

Pages: 302 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Shay Reilly is a con artist in training. He is a part of a Traveling Clan from Louisiana. To some, these travelers are known as Gypsies. Only a few of the past clan members have graduated high school. So when Shay graduates the other travelers label him as an outsider, a "Buffer." His mother and brother are now low on the totem pole after his father died twenty years ago. So when Shay is given the opportunity to go after Tommy, a traitor to his clan, he jumps on the challenge. This will be his first Long Game, a con that could take weeks or months. However, he doesn't expect to fall in love with his targets daughter, Spencer.

Spencer, is a college student. She focuses on nothing but her classes and her father, Tommy. It has always just been the two of them until she bumps into Shane Casey on her college campus. She is almost immediately attracted to this boy from Louisiana. Spencer lets Shane into her heart, but she has no idea that she has just opened the door for her father's downfall. 

I just have to start this review with a personal story. There was a large three story brick home that sat across the street from the church I went to, as a child. You could see the small trailers that sat at the back of the home, and the brand new cars that sat beside them. My father, who was a sheriff at the time, was always being called out to this home.Most of the time he was just out there breaking up fights. Every once and a while, he was out there investigating some of the individuals that lived on the property. I will always remember the stories he would tell us after he came home. They were always about the "Gypsies" out by the church. He would describe their clothes and homes. How they lived and how they talked. I always sat there listening to him. He was always smiling when he talked about them. Thinking about it now, it actually seemed he wanted to join them. I do not know. I think he just enjoyed being surrounded by them.

So, when I heard of this story, I had to read it. The author describes so much about this Traveler Clan. It makes me remember what I would see while on a Sunday morning, walking towards our church. I would look over and see all of the people who lived on the property, walking around and talking in large groups.

I enjoyed the authors descriptions of the clan in her book. The wedding that took place, all flashy and big. I was able to picture myself there. I believe that was my favorite part of the book. It might be because it brought back memories for me.... but isn't that one of the things we look for in a book?

I read a lot of books by their cover.... I know I know, Book Reviewer 101. Never read a book by it's cover. Well, I do it... all the time. I did that here. I read this book by it's cover, and in the end... I was slightly let down.

Most of the time while I am reading a book, that I intend to review, I make notes. These are good notes and bad notes..... I didn't make any notes for this book. There was nothing that popped out to me and said.. "HEY! Write me down!" The only thing I wrote down were the names of the characters. To be sure I wouldn't forget them. However, by the end of the book... There was no way I would forget them. Especially Shay and Spencer.

It was very cute how Shay began his first Long Con. He had to accidentally bump into Spencer, so they could begin a conversation and open a door to allow Shay to get into her life. Their courtship was very cute and a tad romantic.

When I started getting to the rear of the book, that is when things started taking place. My interest spiked and I needed to know what would happen next. I kept looking at the page numbers and hoping that it wouldn't end just yet.... "Oh please let me look down and let there be another fifty pages" But, alas, there wasn't. That is okay though. At one point I was glad that I didn't request to read the second book and novella in this series. I felt that it would be a waste of time. Now that I have finished the book... I have begin to rethink my first decision. There is so much left to be said, so many wonderful and dangerous things are still left out there to be read! I need to read it!

Thank you J.L. Fynn for allowing me to review this book. I really appreciate it and I hope you will allow me to review more books for you in the future! :)

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 photo Breeder.png

Book: Breeder

Author: Casey Hays

Published: January 14, 2014

Pages: 355 e-book

Rating by Katie: 5 out of 5 stars

Received book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

     “The stock do not have personalities, unlike our complex gender. Therefore, do not attempt to find one.  You will only be disappointed, and your mandatory time in the Pit will be unfulfilling and regrettable.” - Madam Belle

I opened this book and was immediately consumed. In this world Men are nothing but tools. They are worthless objects, prisoners… stock. Their only job is breeding. They are studs, like horses or dogs…. The women leaders stud them out to their villagers so they can keep the village alive. Male babies die if they are not needed to replenish the stock.

A little over a hundred years ago, a war took place. This war destroyed everything. Now men are worthless in the eyes of women. Men destroyed the world so many years ago. They are evil and will only lead to devastation and pain. Women are the only ones smart, strong and compassionate enough to fix the world and keep another war from occurring. They protect what they have by locking men in caves and giving them one task to perform.

Kate has just turned sixteen. At this age girls are given their permanent jobs. Some are warriors, guards, farmers and nannies. Kate… a breeder. It is an honor to become a breeder. She gives life. Breeders are nobility in the eyes of all the other women. However, this is a job Kate doesn’t want and she sees no honor in it at all. She doesn’t want to go down into the Pits and breed with one of those vile creatures! The leaders have chosen one mate for her and she is determined not to meet him. On her birthday celebration she loses a battle and the tribal leaders win. She is now in the pit with her mate.

Ian was chosen for Kate. Unlike the rest of the stock… he is different in every way. Once Kate realizes who he really is, her mind opens up to all of these secrets. Secrets that could get her in trouble… secrets that cause her to rebel more.... secrets that make her realize, she should have a choice.

It is hard sometimes when I finish a book, that I absolutely love, to be able to write a review. I am to excited to write anything worth reading. There is to much “ I love this!” “I love that!”. So I had to wait to write this review. The only problem is… I am still to excited about it!

I could not sleep! I read and read and read and read! I was fascinated by the idea of men used as studs. Their feelings, conditions and minds did not matter! They are worthless. I have never read a book like this… EVER! I loved it. I was so intrigued! So glued to the pages wanting to know what happens next! TELL ME NOW!! Seriously, I got to page 80 and I could have written a review solely based on those 80 pages. There was just no way that I would be disappointed by the end. NO WAY! I was right…. I was definitely not disappointed.

 Breeder is written by a Christian author. At the beginning of every chapter is a bible verse. Also, here is what I believe young adults might learn from this book.... Go against the grain. Stand up for what you know is right. Take up for yourself. Help those when others do not. Do not fear rejection or humiliation. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Ask questions! Demand answers! Do not follow blindly..... stay pure to your heart and youself. You will always be persecuted for your differences and beliefs. That is ok.

I believe this book had the best romance I have read in a ya book...ever. There is no sexual tension, body rubbing, and of course... "Oh I caaaaan't dooooo anything withoooooout yoooou!" none of that stuff.  Kate is strong and she is the one who makes up her own mind. Her and Ian, of course needing each others help, do not need each other to succeed in life. Not from what I could tell by reading this story. They kiss, hold hands and fall in love with each other. It is the sweetest romance.

I had so much fun reading this book. There was action and secrets. I was always wanting to know what would happen next! It was hard for me to put the book down. Honestly, if my 3 year old wasn't needing me constantly, during the day, I would have had this book read in one sitting... I just know it. However, my sweet boy comes first, always. That doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about Kate and Ian while I was playing dinosaurs with my son..... I really did.. the whole time... really.  My poor Apatosaurus was mauled by the mean ole T-Rex like twenty times! We held a funeral and..... ok.. nevermind that. Lets get back to the book!

There are a few things that I feel I need to say. In one scene with Ian and Kate, I got a bit upset. Ian was very angry and something happened and it upset me. I wont say what it was. You will find out because you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! Also, one of the breeders hasn't weened her infant yet and she is still able to get pregnant. However, every mother knows that if you are a breast feeder  - which in this book, because they live off the land and live in mud hut type things, I have to assume they are breast feeders - that you are not able to get pregnant while breast feeding. It is a natural birth control.

I recommend this book to EVERY ONE! Like now... go read it!

Thank you Casey for allowing me to participate in this Read for Review. I truly enjoyed it. You have a wonderful gift of story telling. I am so excited about the next book in this series! I can hardly contain my excitement. Please know that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to review Archer for you!

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 photo ShadowFire.png

Book: Shadow Fire

Author: Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Published: February 24, 2014

Pages: 310 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Let me begin by saying that I... love...MMO games (Shaiya) aka massive multiplayer online game! You know the games where you get online with tons of other players and you can kill monsters with your guild or pvp (player vs player) with other factions? Well I love those games! So when I began to read this book, and noticing all of these weird creatures, the reference to guilds,  mages, mercenaries AND shape shifters it struck me! If there was a book written about the MMO games that I enjoy, this would be similar to it.... So with that being said let me begin.

There are a lot of surprises in this book and I enjoyed them! The fighting scenes were fun and very detailed. And the creatures! They are so weird! Goblins, basilisks (lizard type things), hydrangas (evil plant monsters), wolf boar things, and of course..... rabid bunnies.... yes, rabid bunnies with fangs!  Like Indiana Jones? Then you will definitely love this one.  This book was so fun to read !

 I was excited about the surprises contained within hoping it would take the story in a different direction. When Ashlyn discovers a truth about one of her companions as she first starts her journey with Zane, I was let down a bit. She was upset, but she didn't really act surprised. It just fell flat for me. Also, when Zane tells her a truth about his life, something that is very important, she acted like she already knew and then it was just over. I was just hoping for a bit more out of that. There is so much adventure and even though I loved reading about it, I just felt that the problems were so easily taken care of. These were major problems and they were solved with nominal acts.

I love Ashlyn. She is beautiful and she is strong. Zane is a mercenary and is hired to protect Ashlyn on her mission. I loved that Zane fell instantly head over heels for Ashlyn. They are sweet together and very romantic. They fall for each other so fast that the build up to a relationship is non existent. Ashlyn finds him attractive and then three days later they are a couple in love.

A lot of books just focus on either adventure or the romance.  Adding a little of the other, depending on the authors preference for their story. This book focuses on both. You have an equal amount of  adventure and romance. It was fun!

So, MMO games, Indiana Jones and a lot of kissing...... if you love those, then you'll love Shadow Fire!

I will leave you with this quote from Zane...."One last piece of advice...stop undressing her with your eyes unless you wish to become better acquainted with my sword!"
 Yes Zane... you may kill for me... *swoons*

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Book: Three Nights with a Rock Star

Author: Amber Lin and Shari Slade

Published:Expected Published date June 2, 2014

Pages: 178 e-book

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars
Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Chloe is pregnant and Hailey is determined to find out who the father is. The girl's mother left when they were young, neither knowing their father. Hailey does not want her future niece or nephew to deal with the pain of growing up without a father. Hailey has always taken care of her little sister, and she will continue making sure that Chloe has a good life. Hailey finds herself in a 5 star hotel wearing a slutty outfit, fishnet stockings and heels that are determined to break her ankle. She is looking for the band, Half-Life, and the member who knocked up her Chloe. She finds the lead guitarist, Lock. She soon finds out that she will be able to do what she came to do as well as fulfill a desire she has kept secret forever. She is a "church mouse" and Lock is sin. She can't get enough.

Yeeeeessss! I must say I opened this book and was immediately captured. Hailey is cute, innocent and has sexual secrets she is dying to let out. She has never found a man who could really satisfy her needs. She is poor and she is determined to make sure her sister is taken care of. She is on a mission and out of her element, and it is comical. I was smiling the whole time in the beginning and I was excited to read more. I was not at all disappointed throughout the book. Lock... now he is another story. He is edgy, in control, sexy, and a bit mean. I loved it. He just knows Hailey is out to get him, but he can't help himself. He wants her. He gets his wish. I loved it! The scenes were steamy and hot. There was so much detail written, I felt I was there watching. Intruding on someone's love making. I even blushed a little. Like I said, it was hot.Krist was hot as well. When he tells Hailey in the beginning of the story "We share". Whew wee! Yes please!

I was surprised a bit as the story continues, wondering if something would change. I just kept thinking would the story twist and end in a way I wasn't expecting? I was even confused at one point. Oh how I wish I could tell what happened but I am to afraid to ruin it.Would Hailey and Lock, aka Keaton, be the ones who actually ended up together? She was so for things going into a direction that I never expected, never even considered.
Hailey worked at a church daycare, but she had an opened mind. Which began to worry me because I really needed for Haily and Lock to be together at the end. I wanted that fairy tale. The one where prince charming falls in love and saves the poor maid.

This is a fun, sexy, hot and of course a bit sweet, story. The scenes were amazingly written and the story line was great. I love to read romance. It is one of my favorite genre of book. I loved this book and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series! MOST DEFINITELY.

Thank you Shari Slade and Amber Lin for allowing me to be apart of this Read for Review. I really enjoyed reading your book!

 photo FindingMe.png

Book: FindingMe

Author: Dawn Brazil

Published:March 27, 2014

Pages: 231 e-book

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This book is fun! I am just trying to figure out how to write a review for it. As I read it I just knew what I would write. How I would write it... now I am blank. WHY? Because I can't get the book out of my head. I want to write so much, but how do I do that?

I began this book and I honestly thought it would disappoint me. However, when Chloe sees an image of the future, an ability that she has not noticed before, I became very intrigued. When she gets home and she realizes she can move objects with just a flick of her wrist.... I became more intrigued.
"I'm just like Matilda!"
 photo 201308151103_13765825852476114.gif

Chloe is so full of this power, and she has never known it. She has always thought she was a "Norm". She is far from normal. She meets Christopher Thomas. You know there is always a good looking guy in the mix.... and this guy, is goooood looking. I mean... like really hot. When he arrives into her room, invisible.... whaaaat?! Yes, I said invisible. He touches her while she is having a conversation with her mother. Kissing her cheek and neck and touching her I said.... whaaaat?! *Sigh*

I am not a big fan of sex and too much lust when it comes to YA books. However, I love the fact that Chloe made it clear that she was going to wait till she was older to participate in sexual activities. This made me happy!

I love the sense of humor that Dawn has. She shows it in little ways throughout the book. In how she described faces and actions.
"I tried to laugh, but it sounded more like the squawk of a nervous chicken."
And of course my favorite....
"I attempted to smile, but I was sure it looked like I was trying to hold in gas."

Chloe discovers a truth about herself. She has a past she was unaware of and a purpose. The whole world and universe could be destroyed if she doesn't figure out who she is and what she is capable of doing.

Dawn has so much imagination and it all comes out in this book. Super Heroes, Parallel Space Traveling, Evil Villains, Shape Shifting......FLYING CARS! I honestly did not think all of this would come together. I felt that this story would get buried under all of the imagination. There are so many surprises and secrets revealed that I just could not see it coming to a spot where it would work. I should have known better. Dawn made it all come together into a story that I absolutely enjoyed.

Thank you Dawn Brazil for allowing me to be a part of this R4R. I truly enjoyed "Finding Me". There has to be a second book in this series! The way this book left off, promises me that the next book will be just as great or even better than the first. Also, I must get my hands on "Finding Her" ! I must!