Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Book: FindingMe

Author: Dawn Brazil

Published:March 27, 2014

Pages: 231 e-book

Rating by Katie:4 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This book is fun! I am just trying to figure out how to write a review for it. As I read it I just knew what I would write. How I would write it... now I am blank. WHY? Because I can't get the book out of my head. I want to write so much, but how do I do that?

I began this book and I honestly thought it would disappoint me. However, when Chloe sees an image of the future, an ability that she has not noticed before, I became very intrigued. When she gets home and she realizes she can move objects with just a flick of her wrist.... I became more intrigued.
"I'm just like Matilda!"
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Chloe is so full of this power, and she has never known it. She has always thought she was a "Norm". She is far from normal. She meets Christopher Thomas. You know there is always a good looking guy in the mix.... and this guy, is goooood looking. I mean... like really hot. When he arrives into her room, invisible.... whaaaat?! Yes, I said invisible. He touches her while she is having a conversation with her mother. Kissing her cheek and neck and touching her I said.... whaaaat?! *Sigh*

I am not a big fan of sex and too much lust when it comes to YA books. However, I love the fact that Chloe made it clear that she was going to wait till she was older to participate in sexual activities. This made me happy!

I love the sense of humor that Dawn has. She shows it in little ways throughout the book. In how she described faces and actions.
"I tried to laugh, but it sounded more like the squawk of a nervous chicken."
And of course my favorite....
"I attempted to smile, but I was sure it looked like I was trying to hold in gas."

Chloe discovers a truth about herself. She has a past she was unaware of and a purpose. The whole world and universe could be destroyed if she doesn't figure out who she is and what she is capable of doing.

Dawn has so much imagination and it all comes out in this book. Super Heroes, Parallel Space Traveling, Evil Villains, Shape Shifting......FLYING CARS! I honestly did not think all of this would come together. I felt that this story would get buried under all of the imagination. There are so many surprises and secrets revealed that I just could not see it coming to a spot where it would work. I should have known better. Dawn made it all come together into a story that I absolutely enjoyed.

Thank you Dawn Brazil for allowing me to be a part of this R4R. I truly enjoyed "Finding Me". There has to be a second book in this series! The way this book left off, promises me that the next book will be just as great or even better than the first. Also, I must get my hands on "Finding Her" ! I must!

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