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Book: Firefly (The Firefly Trilogy, Book I)


Published: August 1st 2013

Pages: 300 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I started this book 4 weeks ago! Summers are a bit crazy for my family, like most. So we have been running around crazy and I am sorry this was not completed in a timely manner. I do want to thank the author. She has been so kind and understanding. Now, on to the review!

Tessa. A witch. My witch.
And of love
What does the heart say?
It beats it's silent wings
Before it flies away  
                                                             -William's words he wrote for his witch
                                                                          as he drew pictures of her face.

This is a forbidden love. You have William, a hunter and Tessa... the hunted. She is a witch and part of a local coven of witches. William is an Immortal Witch Hunter. Currently living with his adopted family, disguised as their cousin, William works at their family restaurant. In this small town, there is very little secrets and hardly any murders. Until one morning when Tessa is traveling her favorite trail up a mountain. An elder witch is dead, still burning in the fire that has engulfed the lookout. Her friends mother. She is horrified and she is now, with the help of her coven, looking for the witch hunter who murdered their friend's mother and fellow witch. 

William, being immortal, has been alive for seven centuries. He has had many dreams, in his life time, of a girl. He draws her face everyday. The image of her never leaves him. He writes about her, he loves her and he needs to find her. When him and his group of hunters are sent to hunt and distinguish Tessa's coven of witches, he meets her. The girl in his dreams, in his mind, in his drawings. It is her. Tessa.

Tessa knows there is something different about William. He intrigues her, but she doesn't trust him and she is unable to figure out why. Wiliams' whole purpose in life is to track down witches, befriend them, and then kill them. As a hunter, William has to stalk his prey. Which he does very well. So when I realized how he stalked Tessa, it was hard for me to grasp the fact that, it was his job. What brought more questions was.... would he finish the job??

In this book you have two different points of view. Tessa is the main character and you have her point of view for each chapter. At the end of the chapters you get Williams' point of view. I believe I loved reading Williams' POV more than Tessa's. Only because his was more poetic. It was like I was reading all the things he would have been writing in his journal. His secrets and desires.

Tessa really fell in the background for me. She would be someone I would definitely be friends with. I like her a lot. There wasn't anything about her that made me push her aside. William is just so wonderful and written so well, that he actually might have been written too well. I love him. I believe this is what pushed Tessa to the background for me. I looked at William as if this was his story being told. Not both of their stories told together.

William is centuries old. His maturity level is much higher than Tessa's. I didn't like this. I realize, though, that this was probably done on purpose. What person, teenager or not, wouldn't become mature after living seven centuries? He might not develop physically passed a boy of sixteen or seventeen, but mentally he will. 

This book had hints of Romeo and Juliet, even a bit of Twilight. There is romance between two individuals that must not take place. William has to kill her and her coven. He has to lie to her and then he has to betray her trust and then dispose of her. The question is, will he actually do it? I can't tell you. I wish I could. I will say this. You will be swooning when you read what William has to say. How he words things in poems so wonderfully. 

I did enjoy this book. I wish I was able to read it faster. There are a couple quotes from this book that I must share. Well, I do not have to but I want to. I read them and it made me stop to write them down. 

"I was the hunter. Tessa, the hunted. This would never change." -William
"How many sunsets can you endure to wait for the one you love?" -One of Williams' poems.

I have been informed that the author is currently editing this book and there will be a few changes. So, please know that there could be very small differences in the copy you read compared to my review.

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  1. Oooh, what a pretty cover! Can't wait to read what you think of it :)

    1. I am actually enjoying it very much. So much has been going on though so it is taking me longer than I wanted to post my review. I look forward to your comments on what you think of my review, once I have it posted! Happy Reading, Kristen! :)