Friday, June 27, 2014

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Book: Granted Redemption


Published: April 8th 2014

Pages: 250 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I came across Katie Mettner on twitter. I immediately jumped to her page.... it is probably because we share the same name... Honestly... Katies are awesome people... just sayin. Anyway, like I do with every author I come across, I looked up her books. I mentioned to her that her books look interesting and she offered to let me read one for review. Honestly, I didn't care which one of her books she let me review, they all look pretty good. She offered me Granted Redemption. How thankful I am that she did.

I read romance books. I love romance. However, I honestly never read a Christian Romance Novel. I didn't even know they existed. Wait! I should take that back. What I should have said..... I have honestly never read a "Spicy" Christian Romance Novel...... until I met Katie Mettner, I thought I would never see a sentence that contained the words "spicey" "Christian" "romance"..... am I right? Yeah, of course I am right. This books's just..... so.. good. I really truly loved it.

Grant Harris is a troubled soul. His life has been dull and dead for sixteen years after a horrible accident. He has struggled with guilt, and pain. He has also struggled with loving and embracing people. Carla Coffers is also a troubled soul. Her life as a child was worse than most. Her mother never played the mother role and allowed her to live in a dangerous home. Both of these people struggle with past sins and pain.

In just 250 pages you travel through this journey... this relationship... and experience the different points of view by Grant and Carla. How they deal with things differently. How she fears rejection and abandonment and he fears love, joy and commitment. 

Katie has written a book that deals with a lot of life struggles. Struggles that a lot of us deal with every day. Pain, rejection, injuries, doubt and even self loathing. She creates these characters and you fall in love with them. I love Grant and I love Carla. Maybe it is because in some ways, I can relate to them. There really is no hero in this story. Well, not just one anyway. Grant and Carla save each other. They fight to get passed their barriers and they struggle to hold onto one another.

Granted Redemption is definitely a tear jerker. I never cried from sadness, however. I cried from the happiness that Katie created. We never think we are good enough. We are our own worst enemies. When Grant makes Carla stare at her reflection in the mirror and he makes her look at herself. The reaction she had about how she looked..... is the reaction most of us women have when we look at our own reflections. Grant refused to allow Carla to look at herself and see ugliness. He pointed out her beauty and he was bold in his statements. It was just so sweet and beautiful.

This story is about faith, hope, love and over coming obstacles and fears. God puts people in your life so that He can use them to bring you out of the dump you have lived in for so many years. I believe that is what this story really is about. I learned so much and I was reminded about so much that I have forgotten. This book is spicy, sexy, romantic, and sweet. I think anyone can read this book. I really do. If you love romances, you will love this. It has just enough spice to make you crave more. You will immediately fall in love with the characters. You root for them to succeed and by the end of the book you will have cried at least five times. The way Grant loves Carla...... there is no way around the tears... they will most definitely fall.

There was one thing I had a hard time with. Carla is in a situation and even though I know the conditions might call for the behavior I still didn't like how she seemed a bit like a child. Grant even talked to her like she was one ( just in this scene). I am unable to go into anymore detail without giving away something of the story.

Katie Mettner, thank you for allowing me to review Granted Redemption. You have opened my eyes to a genre I believe I am going to really enjoy. I look forward to doing more reviews for you in the future. :)


  1. Thanks for the well written and well thought out review. I'm happy you really enjoyed Grant and Carla's story! It was a journey for them, and for the reader. We're all vulnerable at some point in our lives and I think we all need to have someone we can trust with our vulnerability, and know they will help us through it. Life is messy, life is unpredictable and life is full of moments of redemption. :)

    1. You are so right! Life is messy and I love how we are directed in a path that leads to a person/people who can help us through this not so perfect life. Thanks again for letting me review for you :)