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Book: Legacy Code

Author: Autumn Kalquist

Published: March 9th 2014

Pages: 218 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Most of the authors ask me if I would be interested in doing reviews for their books. I actually singed up for this one. Autumn offered the book for review on a facebook page "Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans". I grabbed at the chance to review this book. I am glad that I did.

Era is seventeen and she is married to Dritan. They live on the Paragon, a spaceship, that revolves around the planet Soren. Three hundred years ago their fleet and colonies left Earth in an attempt to find another liveable planet. The fleet's leaders are very strict and have rules that many are starting to disobey. Era has always believed that the leaders were doing everything they could for the well being of the colonies. However, when someone she loves is deployed to the Red Planet, Soren - and her unborn child, who might have a birth defect, could also be taken from her- she does what any woman in her position would do..... she looks for the truth.

This book started out so slow for me. Most books seem to do that, in the beginning. You are having to learn the characters, their lifestyle, and their home. The author used Era to describe things that happened on other spaceships. I loved knowing these facts about previous occurrences on other colonies ships. There were at least three other ships mentioned within the first three chapters, and I found it hard to remember the name of the ship Era and her husband were living on.  Era, Dritan, and Zephyr were wonderfully written characters. The author wrote the villains of this story very well and I truly hated them. I wanted to push them out of the spaceship doors and watch them suffocate and die. Thankfully I didn't have a pulsar gun while reading this book.... if I would have had one I would have shot Chief Petroff right in the gut. Yes, it is harsh.... but I have really developed a hate for this character.

Legacy Code really touched my heart in some scenes. Being a mother and having to read about some of the things taking place in these colonies, really made me grateful that we do not live under a leadership where we have no right to state our opinions and live how we choose.  There were other instances as well, however, if I share them it might give the story away.... we can not have this!

Dritan is a sweetheart. When I read this "Dritan squeezed her hand, three quick pulses. She rolled toward him, met his eyes, and squeezed his hand three times in return. I.LOVE.YOU." It reminded me of my mother. She would squeeze my hand, just like this, to remind me that she loved me.  

Legacy Code may be slow in the very beginning but it gets VERY VERY exciting! This is a world.... or should I say, galaxy?... a spaceship?... never mind you get my drift....  ok, let me start over....

This is a world of spaceships, advanced technology, galaxy jumping... yes, jumping galaxies through worm holes... and planet mining!  There is many secrets that need to be revealed and many "Traitors" aboard the Paragon. I found myself rooting for the traitors! There is death, love, friendship and mystery. I was so taken by Era and her mission to find truths and facts! I began to panic at one point. I just couldn't believe what was happening.... what was going to happen! I had to know! I need to know now! 

I am all ended on a cliff hanger. I wanted to cry! I wanted to scream! Well I actually did scream... "NOOOO! Autumn, whyyyyyyyyy?!"  I was planning on finishing this series anyway. I had already made up my mind to complete this new series by the time I reached the middle of this book. So I was already planning on reading the next book, but now..... I HAVE TO READ IT. I want to read it so bad... 

Have you ever been addicted to something?.... I have... I was addicted to coca cola... anyway, we wont go there... So You know how you crave something all day long, and then when you finally get it, you relax into this abyss of happiness?? Well that happens to me when I begin reading books that have enveloped me into their grasp. I think about the book, constantly. Every time I am away and can't read it... it is on my mind. Then I get home, get the kid in the bed, lay down myself, open my book and BAM! The endorphins take over my body and I am at peace and happy and reading like crazy! 

When Era started on her truth hunt... this is what happened to me. I became addicted and I had to know the truth! I enjoyed Legacy Code. I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the series... 

 Thank you Autumn Kalquist for allowing me to read and review your book. I enjoyed it and it was time well spent. I hope you allow me to review more of your books in the future! 


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