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Book: Three Slaves of Rome (Book 1)

Author: Matthew Wilson

Published: October 12, 2011

Pages: 110 e-book

Rating by Katie: 4 our of 5 stars

I found Matthew Wilson on Twitter. I looked up his book, Three Slaves of Rome, and I was intrigued. I told him this and I asked him "how do I get my hands on this book?" He then told me that book 1 was currently free on B&N.. I went and grabbed it. I was very excited :). Mr. Wilson then told me that he would love for me to read his book and was curious about my input and review. So here is my review with a teeny bit of input....

Chapter 1 starts with Tieg waking up and realizing he is in shackles. He starts remembering things that took place and the screams and battle. He realizes he is hurt and soon concludes that the ship's owners had one thing on their mind.... to sell him at the slave market. In chapter 2 it goes back about 8 years, and you start the back story for several chapters, setting you up for Tieg's prisoner situation. You are introduced to a lot of different characters and enemies. After those chapters you are then brought back to the present. Tieg is in his shackles with a bunch of his Irish clansmen.

Tieg's father is a very wise man. There are a lot of lessons he tries to teach his son. One of these lessons stuck with me as I continued to read this book. It goes something like this. Stick with your clan. You may know they are wrong, but you always stick beside them. It is better to have your clan, then be like a deer caught in surprise. You are in a far worse situation, if you are that deer and alone. I loved Tieg's father... and I never even knew his name.

In just a little over a hundred pages you watch Tieg grow up and start on an adventure. He is a prisoner, a ship captain and a peace negotiator. Then he begins a new mission, one that you have to read about in "Three Slaves of Rome Book 2".

The puppy love that took place between him and Maggie is so sweet. Growing up as children together, always secretly loving each other. You are then with him through his first battle. His rage is described so well. The hacking of limbs and blood. The fear and death that surrounds him is excellently depicted. He becomes a warrior and a hero. A type of leader to his Irish Clan. I loved it.

Matthew can so easily throw away his characters, and yet, I can still see that he loved each one. When I write, I have a hard time throwing  away my characters. I tend to fall in love with them and want to keep them safe. So I realized, this is what makes Matthew's writing so much better than my own. He actually writes a story, and it feels so real. Maybe this took place at one point in history.... the characters that I have come to love in such a short time, could have once been real. People die in battle and Matthew does a wonderful job writing a battle scene. Tragedy is all over this book. People you love die and you cry. You are rooting for Tieg so much that your heart doesn't have time to break.

This book is simply written and easy flowing. I am so use to reading books with these large words, or these paragraphs that are not needed. These books have so much in them and it takes away from the actual story. I began to compare Matthew's book to how I felt when my daddy would sit around and tell me and my siblings stories. Or how my husband and his Marine buddies would sit around our house late at night talking about war stories and all the fun times they had in Japan. The simplicity does not hinder it's greatness. I believe it makes it better. Simple, interesting, fun and enjoyable. I could just be a sucker for battles, puppy love and pirate ships though ;) . 

This book is written in the narrator's perspective. So you do not have to deal with a lot of POV. Which can be very confusing. There were a few times I had to go back and re-read some things to make sure that the character I was reading about was the same one I was thinking about. There is nothing indicating that the narrator is now talking about another character, unless their names are written in the beginning of a new paragraph. So when I got into the flow of reading, sometimes I missed a key word that let me know a different character was being discussed. This mainly happened during the battle scenes. In these cases, however, my confusion was fixed just by going back a couple of lines.

I can't say that this book is for everyone. Some people do not like simplicity. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I love simplicity. I love to get into the story and stay away from things that do not matter. If you are looking for an unvarnished story with sword fights, a bit of tragedy, and adventure then I believe you will enjoy this book.

My favorite quote
"You can see the sunset from up here, and only barely smell the sheep shit. It is really amazing" -Tieg said to Maggie when she brought him dinner. :)

Will I be getting book 2? Yes... I will be getting book 2.

Thank you Matthew Wilson. You have a style of writing that I love. Many times authors get away from the story. They put too much here and too much there and it tends to drowned out the characters and the fun. I loved your "Three Slaves of Rome."

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