Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Book: Shadow Fire

Author: Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Published: February 24, 2014

Pages: 310 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Let me begin by saying that I... love...MMO games (Shaiya) aka massive multiplayer online game! You know the games where you get online with tons of other players and you can kill monsters with your guild or pvp (player vs player) with other factions? Well I love those games! So when I began to read this book, and noticing all of these weird creatures, the reference to guilds,  mages, mercenaries AND shape shifters it struck me! If there was a book written about the MMO games that I enjoy, this would be similar to it.... So with that being said let me begin.

There are a lot of surprises in this book and I enjoyed them! The fighting scenes were fun and very detailed. And the creatures! They are so weird! Goblins, basilisks (lizard type things), hydrangas (evil plant monsters), wolf boar things, and of course..... rabid bunnies.... yes, rabid bunnies with fangs!  Like Indiana Jones? Then you will definitely love this one.  This book was so fun to read !

 I was excited about the surprises contained within hoping it would take the story in a different direction. When Ashlyn discovers a truth about one of her companions as she first starts her journey with Zane, I was let down a bit. She was upset, but she didn't really act surprised. It just fell flat for me. Also, when Zane tells her a truth about his life, something that is very important, she acted like she already knew and then it was just over. I was just hoping for a bit more out of that. There is so much adventure and even though I loved reading about it, I just felt that the problems were so easily taken care of. These were major problems and they were solved with nominal acts.

I love Ashlyn. She is beautiful and she is strong. Zane is a mercenary and is hired to protect Ashlyn on her mission. I loved that Zane fell instantly head over heels for Ashlyn. They are sweet together and very romantic. They fall for each other so fast that the build up to a relationship is non existent. Ashlyn finds him attractive and then three days later they are a couple in love.

A lot of books just focus on either adventure or the romance.  Adding a little of the other, depending on the authors preference for their story. This book focuses on both. You have an equal amount of  adventure and romance. It was fun!

So, MMO games, Indiana Jones and a lot of kissing...... if you love those, then you'll love Shadow Fire!

I will leave you with this quote from Zane...."One last piece of advice...stop undressing her with your eyes unless you wish to become better acquainted with my sword!"
 Yes Zane... you may kill for me... *swoons*

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