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Book: The Long Game

Author: J.L. Fynn

Published: October 7th 2013

Pages: 302 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 stars

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Shay Reilly is a con artist in training. He is a part of a Traveling Clan from Louisiana. To some, these travelers are known as Gypsies. Only a few of the past clan members have graduated high school. So when Shay graduates the other travelers label him as an outsider, a "Buffer." His mother and brother are now low on the totem pole after his father died twenty years ago. So when Shay is given the opportunity to go after Tommy, a traitor to his clan, he jumps on the challenge. This will be his first Long Game, a con that could take weeks or months. However, he doesn't expect to fall in love with his targets daughter, Spencer.

Spencer, is a college student. She focuses on nothing but her classes and her father, Tommy. It has always just been the two of them until she bumps into Shane Casey on her college campus. She is almost immediately attracted to this boy from Louisiana. Spencer lets Shane into her heart, but she has no idea that she has just opened the door for her father's downfall. 

I just have to start this review with a personal story. There was a large three story brick home that sat across the street from the church I went to, as a child. You could see the small trailers that sat at the back of the home, and the brand new cars that sat beside them. My father, who was a sheriff at the time, was always being called out to this home.Most of the time he was just out there breaking up fights. Every once and a while, he was out there investigating some of the individuals that lived on the property. I will always remember the stories he would tell us after he came home. They were always about the "Gypsies" out by the church. He would describe their clothes and homes. How they lived and how they talked. I always sat there listening to him. He was always smiling when he talked about them. Thinking about it now, it actually seemed he wanted to join them. I do not know. I think he just enjoyed being surrounded by them.

So, when I heard of this story, I had to read it. The author describes so much about this Traveler Clan. It makes me remember what I would see while on a Sunday morning, walking towards our church. I would look over and see all of the people who lived on the property, walking around and talking in large groups.

I enjoyed the authors descriptions of the clan in her book. The wedding that took place, all flashy and big. I was able to picture myself there. I believe that was my favorite part of the book. It might be because it brought back memories for me.... but isn't that one of the things we look for in a book?

I read a lot of books by their cover.... I know I know, Book Reviewer 101. Never read a book by it's cover. Well, I do it... all the time. I did that here. I read this book by it's cover, and in the end... I was slightly let down.

Most of the time while I am reading a book, that I intend to review, I make notes. These are good notes and bad notes..... I didn't make any notes for this book. There was nothing that popped out to me and said.. "HEY! Write me down!" The only thing I wrote down were the names of the characters. To be sure I wouldn't forget them. However, by the end of the book... There was no way I would forget them. Especially Shay and Spencer.

It was very cute how Shay began his first Long Con. He had to accidentally bump into Spencer, so they could begin a conversation and open a door to allow Shay to get into her life. Their courtship was very cute and a tad romantic.

When I started getting to the rear of the book, that is when things started taking place. My interest spiked and I needed to know what would happen next. I kept looking at the page numbers and hoping that it wouldn't end just yet.... "Oh please let me look down and let there be another fifty pages" But, alas, there wasn't. That is okay though. At one point I was glad that I didn't request to read the second book and novella in this series. I felt that it would be a waste of time. Now that I have finished the book... I have begin to rethink my first decision. There is so much left to be said, so many wonderful and dangerous things are still left out there to be read! I need to read it!

Thank you J.L. Fynn for allowing me to review this book. I really appreciate it and I hope you will allow me to review more books for you in the future! :)

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