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 Book: The Gift of Charms (The Land of Dragor™,#1)

Author: Julia Suzuki
Expected publication: September 4th 2014

Pages:  288 e-book

Rating by Katie: 3 out of 5 Stars


Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Growing up I loved when my mother read me the book about The Rainbow Fish. This book, reminded me a great deal about my favorite book as a child. In this book everything takes place on a secret island. Hidden from the world, in hopes that no human will ever discover the dragons who live on this remote island away from the world's prying eyes. You have several different clans of dragons who live here, including the Nephran, Alanas, Mida, Efframs,  Saiga, and the Bushkis dragons. Each clan plays an important role in keeping the island running smoothly. 

Yoshiko is a young dragon of the Nephran Clan. He has always been different from the others. Even before he was born, his egg was of many colors, unlike the other eggs that were laid. His parents bribed the Nephran clan Hudrah, the dragon in charge of making sure new born dragons were healthy enough to keep, to allow them to keep their new son. After using a bit of coercing, the Hudrah accepted. 

The young dragon is not like the others in every way. At first it is just his weight. He carries more weight then the rest of the dragons his age. It takes him a bit longer to learn how to spit fire and fly. Before long he is begining to realize not only is he over weight and a bit of a slow learner, he is also changing colors! Something that no other dragon has ever been able to do.

After being picked on, again, by the bully Igor, an Alanas Dragon, he flies to a forbidden place on their island. He meets Guya, a Saiga Dragon. Guya is very mischievous, and secluded. After Yoshiko blurts out his ability to change colors, Guya immediately offers to help him. He gives Yoshiko three tasks to complete and to come back when he knows that he will be able to do each task on his own. 

Yoshiko is so determined to find out who he truly is and what his purpose in life is, that as soon as he leaves Guya he starts working towards becoming stronger and better. He begins training under an elite guard dragon, Romao. 

I really enjoyed this book. We all struggle with differences in our lives. We all have people who pick on us and deal with bullying. What makes us better is what we do with ourselves to overcome our current situations and to strive to build ourselves into the people we are meant to be. Yoshiko is bullied, he is basically the ugly duckling or the rainbow fish. No one expects anything good to come from him. However, he has other plans. He realizes that he is different and when he meets the right dragon to tell him so, to give him hope in finding his true potential, he does what he has to so that he can gain it. 

I recommend this book to everyone. I say that because I am almost thirty years old and I enjoyed a book, obviously written for pre-teens (eight through thirteen). We focus so much on the outside that we do not ever focus on someone as a whole. Yoshiko, on the outside, was nothing but a chubby dragon. However, he was made for great things. Everyone is here for a purpose. However, not everyone is told they deserve to find their true potential and make something of their lives. 

Maybe we should all try and be that one person who can help someone find out who they are. It only takes a few kind words to tell someone what they are worth. Thank you Julia, for allowing me to review your book. I truly enjoyed it and I hope you allow me to read and review more of your work in the future! 

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