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Book: The War Inside

Author: M. Kircher

: July 28th 2013

Pages:  362 e-book

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I have read for M. Kircher before. I have enjoyed that book and was very excited when she offered to let me read and review The War Inside. I do want to apologize to her for the length of time it has taken to complete this read for review. She has been so patient and I am thankful for that! 

"Behind her the little plant faded back into the ground. The plant's green leaves curled back into themselves, the berries shriveled, and the whole thing was engulfed by the mud like a ship sinking into the ocean depths. Only one tiny red berry remained, a dot of crimson to mark the place where something had happened that would change the course of the entire world."  
                                                                                - The War Inside by M. Kircher

   This book is a different kind of dystopian novel. Pollution is the monster in this tale. Humans became lazy and careless. As technology advanced the world crumbled. It went unnoticed and eventually it was too late. People depended solely on technology and less on one another and pollution took over, not only killing family units and love but also Earth. 

Now Thea is alone. Her mother kicked her out of the house at fourteen, like it is with every mother and child. Once a child reaches an age to take care of themselves, they are pushed out the door. There are no family units, no love or compassion. Humans have animal like tendencies, only the strong survive. Thea has survived for five years alone and that is how she likes it. Keeping to herself and doing better than most, she feels secure in her distance from others. That is until she finds, Viviana. 

Viviana is different. She loves. Viv has compassion and needs to be surrounded by others. However, she has a secret. When Thea realizes what Viv is hiding, she does her best to get rid of her. What Thea doesn't know is that soon, this secret will become her own.

 While reading I believed that Thea was the main character. I do not feel that way now. There are many main characters. Kircher has written these roles so well. Viv, Rain, Caden, Naomi, Enoch... I enjoyed them all. The relationships that were developed between Thea and the others, was spot on. I saw them as small individual stories. My favorite relationship was the one that developed between Thea and Rain. Thea steals from him, and his determination, even as the underdog, was what made me love him so much. 

Caden is strong and handsome, however Thea refuses to see him that way. She hates him and his play boy tendencies. I enjoyed reading about them together. Even in the end their relationship was was left open. Would it develop more or would this new guy, Benjamin, get in the way. I tend to stay away from love triangles. There seems to be a lot of that in these young adult books. However, when characters are written well and you like them all, it is easy to get pulled into their drama. 

There is also some action! Sometimes it fell a bit flat for me, however I was still able to enjoy it. These characters become a family unit. They begin working together and doing what needs to be done in order to survive. 

I felt that some of the story, on their journey to the stronghold, just went on and on. I wanted a bit more to take place. Viv seemed to just be left in the background. She was more of a tool to keep the story on path. It wasn't until the end of the book, that she was brought out as a major role. The author could have kept her in the background for a reason. I was a bit surprised that her role changed later on and things didn't go the way I thought they would. I am thinking that she will be brought out more in the second book and so I am excited to see what happens. 

So much goes on in this book, and I am afraid that if I talk about all that I want to, that I will share to much information. The War Inside is a book that anyone can enjoy. 

Thank you M. Kircher for allowing me to do another read for review! I have enjoyed both of the books you have offered to me to read and I hope that in the future you will allow me to continue reviewing your work!

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