Pre-K Analysis

It's raining outside. The past weeks have been hard on me. Power Rangers play on the T.V. and the fire blazes in the fire place near me. I can hear the beans in the bean bag chair settle as I get more comfortable. I could use the rest. Worn out from the previous weeks' work. My office is a wreck. Books and a train set litter the floor. It's the only way I can think when trying to solve puzzles. I get most of my thinking done when I am connecting my train tracks together. I am considering another line of work. Four years doing this detective stuff has had it's toll on me. Thoughts of career changes enter my mind. Ninja Turtle, Power Ranger, a pirate..... the options are limitless. That is when she enters the room. Book Devourer. Uh oh, what does she want? She knows I've been busy. I quickly notice she is still in her pajamas.... Sheesh, woman, it's noon.
"Hello, Professor D." She takes a seat near me on the couch. Reaching over she picks up my good ole side kick, Damian, the cat. Setting him in her lap she says
"I need your help."
"You know about these past weeks, Book Devourer. I am taking a break on the Detective Business." I turn to face the T.V.
"Only you can help me, if I could go to anyone else.... I would."
She leans back on the couch, Damian jumps down from her lap.
Ignoring her, I get up to practice the new Power Ranger move I've just seen portrayed on this weeks' episode.
"I got an idea. How about I show you these new fighting moves, and then we can defeat the Bubble Monster together, you can be the Pink Power Ranger." I change the subject, hoping she gets side tracked.
"Okay." She gets up and begins to follow my moves. She is a quick study.
"There are abandoned children's books that need to be reviewed. You know every book needs a review... I can't do it on my own." She does a kick and a sporadic punch into the air. She doesn't give up, I'll give her that....
"So, will you help me?"  Out of breath she stops and goes to her bag, pulling out a book. "Here is the first book . Please Professor I need your help." So she has come prepared... She knows what gets me... books, I love them.
Unable to look away, I walk over and grab the book. Happiness and excitement fills me! I hug it to my chest and look up at her.
"When do we get started?"
She picks me up and gives me the best mom hug around. "After lunch! What do you want to eat?" She turns to walk into the kitchen. Damian follows her.
"Grilled cheese!"

Professor D's Review on Secrets of the Sea Shore

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